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Splunk Connector

Make it easy to send data from your third party applications directly into the Splunk Index, and perform searches directly on the Splunk Enterprise Server from your system of choice. The Splunk Enterprise Server Connector provides the ability to perform most common tasks against the Splunk API in an easy and consistent way. It allows you to not only directly send data from Anypoint Platform into the Splunk Index but also to perform a wide variety of searches and indexing operations. Use the connector to work with Saved Searches, create and run Real-Time, Blocking and One-Shot searches, retrieve data models and create and modify your data inputs on the fly.

To get a free trial of the Splunk Connector, or to receive assistance or support for it, please contact us at

MuleSoft® Connectors

Anypoint Connectors provide a fast, easy and consistent way to unlock the value in your investments in Enterprise Software, platforms and Cloud Services. WhiteSky Labs’ Connectors Engineering Team is embedded in the MuleSoft® Engineering Ecosystem, making us an integral part of the MuleSoft® community as we build security-reviewed connectivity assets. Our MuleSoft® Experts are highly competent to address the specific connectivity needs of our customers.

Our services in Connectors Engineering include:

  • Development, Maintenance and Support of Custom Connectors that support a unique use case or specialist software platform to a particular customer. This approach simplifies and speeds your connectivity solution in the short and long term.
  • Extending existing Connectors to support a specific use case. Many Connectors for complex platform or software may only support a subset of all possible functionality in the platform. Our team can work with you and the MuleSoft® to provide access to a particular use case to meet your specific timeline.
  • Delivering a Connector for your Software-as-a-Service offering allows you to offer your customers the full range of Connectivity solutions available in the MuleSoft® AnyPoint Platform™.

Featured MuleSoft Connectors

  • HL7logo

    Anypoint Connector for HL7 is a collection of features that facilitates integration with healthcare systems by providing the tools needed to easily create, read and transform HL7 version v2.x messages within Mule.

  • logo-rev

    MuleSoft®’s Anypoint ServiceNow connector allows businesses to create instant API connectivity with the ServiceNow API, allowing them to quickly and easily interface with ServiceNow from within the MuleSoft® Anypoint Platform™.

  • Amazon S3


    The Amazon S3 connector allows developers to access any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. With connectivity to the the Amazon S3 API, users can interface Amazon S3 to store objects, download and use data with other AWS services, and build applications that call for internet storage – all from within MuleSoft® Anypoint Platform™. This connector is bundled within Studio.

  • Amazon SQS


    The Anypoint Connector for Amazon SQS provides an easy way to interface with the Amazon Simple Queue Service API, allowing Mule ESB users to manage SQS queueing services without having to deal with the API directly. This connector is bundled within Studio.

  • Object Store Connector


    The Anypoint Object Store Connector enables you to access custom object stores, or the defaults in-memory and persistent object stores within Mule. Using this connector, you can create instant connectivity between object stores and ease the manipulation of object stores in Mule.

  • CMIS Connector


    The CMIS Connector defines an abstraction layer for managing multiple document management systems and repositories using web protocols. Users can easily connect to CMIS compliant content management platforms such as Documentum, Sharepoint, Drupal, and Alfresco to facilitate seamless migration and synchronization between disparate systems. MuleSoft® CMIS Connector is a simple way to interface with the CMIS API, allowing users to automate and integrate numerous processes and applications from within the MuleSoft® Anypoint Platform™.

  • HDFS Connector


    The Anypoint HDFS Connector allows users to interface with the Hadoop API for HDFS to perform functions and surface information from third party applications and service, on-premise and in the cloud. Users can easily integrate databases such as MongoDB with Hadoop file systems to read and write as well receive and send files and data directories on the HDFS server. MuleSoft® Anypoint Platform™ enables seamless integration across the enterprise to keep the company connected.

  • magento

    Enable instant API connectivity with the Magento e-commerce platform with the Magento Connector by making it simple to manage eCommerce storefronts, shopping carts, and inventory. The connector exposes common Magento APIs – such as those for invoicing, stock management, product management, order tracking, and more – making them easily accessible from within the Mule Flow. Access to the Magento API allows businesses to integrate and automate everyday business processes with other applications such as QuickBooks, and Avalara. With MuleSoft® Anypoint Platform™, businesses can do more with their applications, safely and easily through connectivity.

  • marketo

    The Anypoint Marketo connector enables connectivity with the Marketo API, allowing users to interface with marketing data through API calls to add leads, manage campaigns, run analytics, and track opportunities. Moreover, the Anypoint Marketo connector allows businesses to integrate Marketo with existing ERP, eCommerce, and CRM applications such as Salesforce. Working atop the MuleSoft® Anypoint Platform™, the Marketo connector enables businesses to connect to the Marketo API in order to integrate data and automate business processes.

  • splunk

    Splunk was done as part of “Build your own connector” initiative by WSL The Splunk Enterprise Server Connector provides the ability to perform most common tasks against the Splunk API in an easy and consistent way. It allows you to not only directly send data from Anypoint Platform™ into the Splunk Index but also to perform a wide variety of searches and indexing operations.
    Use the connector to work with Saved Searches, create and run Real-Time, Blocking and One-Shot searches, retrieve data models and create and modify your data inputs on the fly.

We are your dedicated partner to help you succeed in every stage of your  MuleSoft® connectivity journey.

Cost-Efficient Global Team

We leverage the expertise of our team around the world to turn real-life business challenges into market opportunities.
We deliver results with our globally competitive team while offering competitive and cost-effective rates for our customers.

Flexible Delivery Approach

We offer Implementation, Engineering, Consulting and Support Services that leverage the best facets of Agile, Risk Management and Automation to meet your needs.

100% MuleSoft® Certified

We invest in building the competence and expertise of our people. As such, we have a dedicated office as MuleSoft®’s Center of Excellence. All of our non-administrative staff is certified as either Associate MuleSoft® Developer or Associate MuleSoft® Connector Developer within their first month of employment, ensuring 100% MuleSoft® certification.

Comprehensive Service

We support our customers in all stages of their MuleSoft® Connectivity Lifecycle, including: strategic consulting, implementation, operations, support and ongoing optimisation.

We are your dedicated partner to ensure that you achieve results with your MuleSoft® investment.

Customer- Focused

We build strong relationship with our customers by having open communication lines so that all feedbacks are discussed and shared with our Executives.

We operate in a collaborative working ecosystem to ensure that we deliver customer success in every engagement.

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  • API Overview

    Make API-led connectivity a reality with Anypoint Platform™. Build new APIs, design new interfaces for existing APIs and more efficiently manage all your APIs using a single platform to rapidly expose enterprise data to mobile devices, web apps and connected things in a secure controlled way. Unleash the value of your information, eliminating the friction of integration and enabling unprecedented speed, agility and rapid change.

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  • SaaS Overview

    Connect at the speed of innovation to integrate SaaS applications with each other and to on-prem systems. Anypoint Platform™ hybrid architecture allows data to flow where it’s needed, when it’s needed, for a more complete view of customers, streamlined processes and a faster time to market for new applications.

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  • SOA Overview

    Unlock the value of on-prem legacy data, connecting it seamlessly and securely with the cloud, devices and API-enabled assets. With Anypoint Platform™, connect heterogenous systems, service-enable the entire enterprise, or integrate your partner ecosystem. Implementing SOA with an API-led connectivity approach delivers business agility, better customer experiences and, ultimately, competitive advantage.

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  • With WhiteSky Labs’ MuleSoft expertise and comprehensive service, we were able to design, develop and deploy MuleSoft’s CloudHub solution in 8 weeks.

    - Paul Lee
    IT Manager
  • "Built with MuleSoft's advanced integration capabilities, Work Market Anypoint Connector introduces a new level of connectivity between enterprise labor needs and changing business requirements. WhiteSky Labs' expertise and guidance from planning to implementation, all the way through testing and certification phases was invaluable."

    - Steve Newhouse
    Director of Product Management, Work Market
  • Thanks to WhiteSky Labs' flexible delivery approach, we were able to move from our legacy BizTalk solution to MuleSoft’s more complete Anypoint Platform in just six weeks. The entire process was seamless to our end users.

    - Yasuhiro Sato
    Deputy Department Manager - IT Planning & Promotion, Sumitomo Corporation
  • “WhiteSky Labs continues to guide us in our MuleSoft connectivity journey. With their MuleSoft expertise and cost-effective delivery model, we are confident to achieve results with our MuleSoft investment."

    - Mehdi Fassaie
    Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, ParcelPoint