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Mynt A One-Stop FinTech Shop Evolves From Point-to-Point to API-Led Connectivity

As a one-stop shop of financial technology services, Mynt aims to address financial inclusion through mobile money, micro-loans and technology. Today, Mynt has over four million registered customers and forecasts their customer base will triple to over 12 million over the next two years.
Mynt had many legacy systems that needed to talk to each other. The traditional practice of building point-to-point integrations was too tedious and continued to build technical debt. With the goal of moving away from point-to-point integration, which they saw as a barrier to their anticipated growth, Mynt chose WhiteSky Labs as its strategic partner and MuleSoft Anypoint Platform as its core technology platform for data integration.


Mynt is a FinTech partnership between Globe Telecom, the Ayala Corporation and Ant Financial. Based in the Philippines, Mynt has a potential market of over 100 million people, including many who do not have a bank account. Mynt is committed to exploring innovative and non-traditional avenues towards microfinance, leveraging telecommunications infrastructure and mobile money platforms.

Key service offerings include GCash and Fuse Lending. GCash enables domestic and international payments as well as online payments and mobile money, enabling consumers to use their smartphones to easily pay bills and conveniently purchase goods. Fuse offers personal and business loans to Filipinos without bank accounts using mobile technology to provision both short and long-term loans.

• Mynt had many legacy systems that needed to talk to each other
• Building point-to-point integrations were too tedious and built up technical debt
• New products had to be introduced at an increasingly rapid pace
• The technology needed to be upgraded without affecting business as usual

• Improved customer experiences and satisfaction
• On-boarding major new partners – including Facebook – in record time
• Launching new product offerings as demanded by the market
• Increased agility – changes happen 4x faster at 25% of the previous cost

To learn how WhiteSky Labs using the MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform solved Mynt’s Challenges, please fill out the form on the right to download the complete Mynt case study.

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  • We were able to get up and running on Anypoint Platform quickly, thanks to MuleSoft’s partner, WhiteSky Labs, and the built-in connectors and policies offered by the platform. Because we were creating the new platform from scratch, the process involved integrating a large number of different components. These included connections with external systems that provide information such as property valuations, customer borrowing ability and credit checks.

    - Anthony Baum
    CEO, Tic:Toc
  • Mynt is committed to driving innovation in the payments and financial services space. MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform and WhiteSky Labs’ integration team played an essential role in our successful project delivery, and together we have achieved great outcomes.

    - Greg Igaya
    CTO, Mynt
  • With WhiteSky Labs’ MuleSoft expertise and comprehensive service, we were able to design, develop and deploy MuleSoft’s CloudHub solution in 8 weeks.

    - Paul Lee
    IT Manager
  • "Built with MuleSoft's advanced integration capabilities, Work Market Anypoint Connector introduces a new level of connectivity between enterprise labor needs and changing business requirements. WhiteSky Labs' expertise and guidance from planning to implementation, all the way through testing and certification phases was invaluable."

    - Steve Newhouse
    Director of Product Management, Work Market
  • Thanks to WhiteSky Labs' flexible delivery approach, we were able to move from our legacy BizTalk solution to MuleSoft’s more complete Anypoint Platform in just six weeks. The entire process was seamless to our end users.

    - Yasuhiro Sato
    Deputy Department Manager - IT Planning & Promotion, Sumitomo Corporation
  • “WhiteSky Labs continues to guide us in our MuleSoft connectivity journey. With their MuleSoft expertise and cost-effective delivery model, we are confident to achieve results with our MuleSoft investment."

    - Mehdi Fassaie
    Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, ParcelPoint