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WhiteSky Labs named as one of the Top 25 Most Promising Cloud Solutions Providers in 2016 25 January 2016 - 12:04 AM

Steve Wilson

WhiteSky Labs made it to the list of the Top 25 Most Promising Cloud Solutions Providers in 2016 by APAC CIO Outlook Magazine. In a feature article, WhiteSky Labs’ CEO, Steve Wilson, shares the company vision for 2016. He discussed how growing a team of MuleSoft specialists will enable WhiteSky Labs to continue its mission of delivering a composable enterprise through API-led connectivity.

WhiteSky Labs: MuleSoft Global Partner in Transforming Businesses with API-led Connectivity

Today, as every business seeks to gather momentum with digital technologies and build effective strategies, companies are being forced to reassess the need for a comprehensive API strategy to address the challenges and complexities of meeting customer and partner expectations.. APIs (application programming interfaces) have turned into a strong source for connecting consumers with apps and devices. By bringing faster business connectivity, the API-led economy has redefined business processes of forward-looking global companies. Founded in 2009, WhiteSky Labs is committed to help companies achieve business transformations through API-led connectivity and the composable enterprise. WhiteSky Labs partners exclusively with industry leader MuleSoft, to deliver solutions using the foremost integration and API management platform, currently used by 35 percent of the Fortune 500 companies.

WhiteSky Labs offers MuleSoft Professional Services, MuleSoft Managed Support and MuleSoft Connectors to help companies drive business agility and operational excellence through cloud and application integration solutions.

Steve Wilson, CEO, WhiteSky Labs says, “When we founded WhiteSky Labs, our primary objective was to understand the API-led economy in order to assist companies in their connectivity journey and provide technology solutions that not only deliver rapid time to value, but are also pragmatic and cost effective. Together with our partner MuleSoft, our focus is to deliver a connected enterprise through API-led connectivity.”

WhiteSky Labs has built a comprehensive portfolio of Intellectual Property that enables companies to further de-risk the implementation of solutions as well as accelerate delivery.

MuleSoft Specialists

Leveraging its MuleSoft expertise, WhiteSky Labs offers a full continuum of MuleSoft services including consulting, support, maintenance and management services around MuleSoft’s technology stack. WhiteSky Labs invests in its people and their training to ensure that all non-administration staff and consultants are 100% MuleSoft certified. With a MuleSoft Center of Excellence in the Philippines and a MuleSoft Connectors Engineering Team in India, WhiteSky Labs offers its customers worldwide an onshore – offshore delivery model, which results to significant cost savings.

Steve adds, “We are specialists and not generalists as compared to other vendors. This focus has led us to develop a unique and close relationship with MuleSoft. We pride ourselves on being the MuleSoft experts and offering a cost effective partnership that leverages the benefits of both onshore and offshore delivery models.”

MuleSoft Connectors

WhiteSky Labs has built a unique WhiteSky Labs’ Connectors Engineering Team. The team works closely with MuleSoft’s Engineering team on a number of Anypoint Connectors and in-house MuleSoft connectors that provide a fast, easy and consistent way to unlock the value of client’s investments in Enterprise Software, platforms and Cloud Services.

WhiteSky Labs’ services in MuleSoft Connectors Engineering include development, maintenance and support of Custom Connectors that support a unique use case or specialist software platform to a particular customer. One of its popular connectors is Splunk, which was done as part of its “Build your own connector” initiative. The Splunk Enterprise Server Connector provides the ability to perform most common tasks against the Splunk API in an easy and consistent way.

The organisation has grown to become one of the key technology partners of MuleSoft and with its team of MuleSoft experts, has provided new capabilities through which companies are effectively adopting the API-led approach.

“Together with MuleSoft, we are committed to strengthen our relationship with our existing customers and help other companies transform their business, enabling them to deliver mobile customer experiences, turn data into digital assets and dramatically accelerate their pace of innovation and change,” concludes Steve.


This article was previously published in the print and digital copy of the APAC CIO Outlook Magazine January 2016 issue. 


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  • We were able to get up and running on Anypoint Platform quickly, thanks to MuleSoft’s partner, WhiteSky Labs, and the built-in connectors and policies offered by the platform. Because we were creating the new platform from scratch, the process involved integrating a large number of different components. These included connections with external systems that provide information such as property valuations, customer borrowing ability and credit checks.

    - Anthony Baum
    CEO, Tic:Toc
  • Mynt is committed to driving innovation in the payments and financial services space. MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform and WhiteSky Labs’ integration team played an essential role in our successful project delivery, and together we have achieved great outcomes.

    - Greg Igaya
    CTO, Mynt
  • With WhiteSky Labs’ MuleSoft expertise and comprehensive service, we were able to design, develop and deploy MuleSoft’s CloudHub solution in 8 weeks.

    - Paul Lee
    IT Manager
  • "Built with MuleSoft's advanced integration capabilities, Work Market Anypoint Connector introduces a new level of connectivity between enterprise labor needs and changing business requirements. WhiteSky Labs' expertise and guidance from planning to implementation, all the way through testing and certification phases was invaluable."

    - Steve Newhouse
    Director of Product Management, Work Market
  • Thanks to WhiteSky Labs' flexible delivery approach, we were able to move from our legacy BizTalk solution to MuleSoft’s more complete Anypoint Platform in just six weeks. The entire process was seamless to our end users.

    - Yasuhiro Sato
    Deputy Department Manager - IT Planning & Promotion, Sumitomo Corporation
  • “WhiteSky Labs continues to guide us in our MuleSoft connectivity journey. With their MuleSoft expertise and cost-effective delivery model, we are confident to achieve results with our MuleSoft investment."

    - Mehdi Fassaie
    Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, ParcelPoint